Frequently asked questions

  • What facilities do resort fees cover?
    Resort fees cover all basic facilities. That includes mineral drinking water, free Wi-Fi, housekeeping and complementary village tours.
  • Is there any provision for an extra bed?
    Yes, we charge a minimal rate for extra bedding for one person. The extra bedding includes a portable cot, a comfortable mattress, a bedcover, a pillow and a blanket.
  • How can I make a booking?
    We are listed on popular travel sites. You can book our rooms from there. Also, you can book by paying in the STR account given on our website.
  • How to reach your resort?
    To add some interest, we offer a couple of choices to reach our destination.
    • You can take a tidal forest safari through mangroves.
    • You can travel like locals, and we will provide a guide to assist you in every step free of cost.
    We recommend you choose the second option. It will give you unparallel village exposure and chances to see their daily life by moving through local markets (Gosaba) and ferry ghats.
  • Does the room tariff cover sightseeing and food?
    To add some interest, we offer a couple of choices to reach our destination. Yes. If you choose our “Deluxe Packages” you will enjoy all facilities. That include
    • Round trip from Kolkata to Kolkata in AC bus
    • Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner
    • Tidal forest safari with a guide
    • Tribal dance and cultural program
    In basic packages, you have to pay for these facilities, individually
  • Can we book the room without the tidal
    forest safari package?
    Yes, you can visit Sundarban Tiger Residency for only leisure at a reasonable rate. We provide customized service to address every need of our proud guests. We insist you –
    • To enjoy the tranquility of village life
    • To taste local foods and a wide range of fish.
    • To embrace the wilderness.
    In basic packages, you have to pay for these facilities, individually
  • Do you provide pick-up and drop facilities?
    Yes, we look after your comfort and seamless convenience. We provide pick-up and drop facilities from the airport or rail stations via your chosen vehicle, whether a luxury sedan or premium chauffeur.
  • Do you provide car parking facilities?
    Yes. We will provide car parking near the ferry ghat of Sundarban Wildlife Tourism in Godkhali. We also provide a guide (free of cost) to help you reach STR (The Best Resort in Sundarban). Only you need to pay the convenience charges
  • Do you provide breakfast buffets?
    Yes, we provide breakfast as per your choice. Notify us of the menu, whether Indian or continental, at the time of booking
  • Do you provide a special menu?
    Yes, we provide a special menu. For that arrangement, you need to notify us four to five days before your tour. We will take you to a remote location, where even the essential commodities aren’t available, so we need to collect the ingredients before the tour starts.
  • Do you host destination weddings, meetings and other celebrations?
    Yes, we organize destination celebrations and meetings. Our services include –
    • Destination Weddings
    • Anniversary Celebrations
    • School Excursions
    • Office/Group Picnics
    • Business Meetings
    You need to book one month before the date of the celebration/meeting/picnic/excursion.
  • Do you provide tent accommodation?
    Yes, we have tents at amazing positions within our premises. Notify us, at the time of booking, if you intend to spend your nights in tents under the starry sky.